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Cheesy Christian T-shirt Trade-in

A better Christian T-shirt

Our clothes tell a unique story about us. Why not use that story to start conversations about God? Unlike traditional Christian T-shirts that scream Churchy message to anyone in eyeshot, Udderance T-shirts are designed to make people want to ask questions about your t-shirt allowing non-defensive, authentic conversations to take place.

Shhh! It's a Christian shirt in disguise.

The beauty of our T-shirts is they don't look like Christian T-shirts! Often, traditional Christian T-shirts produce a knee-jerk reaction that turns unbelievers away. The ambiguity of our shirts allows for unguarded dialogue to be opened before defensive walls are erected. Each shirt is intentionally designed to be mysterious - to beg the question, "What does that mean?" This gives you the opportunity to guide the conversation in a way that may allow for you to gently share your faith in an authentic way.

Your story... their terms.

Each T-shirt comes built-in with a unique QR code. When it is scanned, it directs people to your Udderance profile page/testimonial or to a custom message or to yet another website of your choosing! It's easy to end conversations with, "You should scan my code and learn a little more about me when you get a chance." How simple is that? It’s your story on their terms.

Training on how to use your T-shirt

The message your T-shirt portrays was thought out long before the designs were created. Each shirt is carefully tailored toward a specific message. We have pointers and tips to help you learn some of the best ways to respond to questions about your particular T-shirt. We will equip you to use this tool to start gently sharing your faith.

Made in the USA! Sweatshop Free.

Most T-shirts are created in factories overseas under slave labor-type conditions. Work environments are dangerous, with women and children working long hours and being paid very little. As a society, our constant demand for competitive pricing and lower bottom lines has caused this crisis. The solution is to stop buying cheap products and start demanding that our goods be created in safe environments by honest wage workers. Every stitch and every decal on an Udderance T-shirt is crafted on American soil. Take pride in knowing you're part of the solution when you purchase our products! We know we do!